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Untitled photo

Photograph of Aaron Brown taken by Andrew Knies at Stacks Bar & Grill.


Aaron Brown is a professional photographer born in The Harbor side of East Chicago and raised in Hammond, Indiana. He moved back to The Region after living two years in Ilsan, South Korea. He has photographed musicians and bands from Canada, South Korea, Japan and throughout the US, and he has licensed photographs to major companies such as Humble TV & ESPN as well as others through Getty Images. Aaron has also been published in various media both locally and internationally including The Korea Herald, Groove Magazine, 10 Magazine, Courrier International, Rockabilly Deluxe and CBS Channel 2's "Capture My Chicago" book. He now owns and operates Aaron Brown Photography in Crown Point, Indiana, specializing in weddings & portraits.


Aaron plays chess and the guitar. He loves portmanteaus and retronyms, time travel, comic books, and Rube Goldberg devices. He also has a penchant for Ketel One vodka and carpeted walls. He has never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, eaten an endangered animal, played a saxophone to woo a lover, nor lost in a pillow fight. His favorite food is tacos, he continues to root (often to his disappointment) for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears, and he prefers Coke over Pepsi. He also hates writing in the third-person.

Contact Info

Phone: 219-669-1078


Facebook: @aaronbrownphotography

Instagram: @aaronbrownphotos

Twitter: @abrownphotos

Studio Location

Aaron Brown Photography is located near the downtown Crown Point, Indiana square. Please email Aaron to schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your photographic needs. Hours vary during the wedding season.

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